TERRA 4D PSIM - Indoor Visualization

TERRA 4D indoor features, example: FAST building in Germany.

1. 3D Buildings - Seamless indoor & outdoor integration
2. Geo-referenced Video - 3D model & video views are linked
3. Points of Interest - Operator finds relevant document at the right place
4. Levels of the Building - Complete 3D indoor building structure (building, floors, rooms)
5. Light Control - Control Building Management contacts directly at their location in 3D model or video view

TERRA 4D - PSIM Capabilities

A selection of advanced PSIM capabilities in the TERRA 4D platform:

  1. 3D GIS Model
  2. 3D Buildings with Outdoor and Indoor Visualization
  3. MAP Layers
  4. Enhanced CCTV Support
  5. Object Tracking
  6. Correlation of Subsystems at an Airport

TERRA 4D PSIM - Fire in Rome

Operators in the Comand & Control Center detect fire on the CCTV system, alarm the fire brigade and control immediately the traffic light system. Reduced traffic in the incident area leads to a faster arrival of the fire brigade. Operators follow up the situation by tracking the fire brigade vehicles.

Vertical Market Solutions

Marketing video clip showing the main vertical market solutions of TERRA 4D.

TERRA 4D Object tracking - Geofencing - PTZ camera tracking

Product video clip showing object tracking via GPS device, object enters restricted area and raises alarm, alarm object is tracked with PTZ cameras

TERRA 4D UAV Integration Capabilities

Video clip showing the combination of CopterSystems’ UAVs with TERRA 4D. The UAV can follow moving objects independently, be send to target coordinates, transmit video streams in real-time and start / land automatically. CopterSystems’ flight controller is fully integrated in TERRA 4D and works for tethered and -un-tethered UAVs.