Command and Control  
Video wall Support of video walls and multiple screens per desk.
Time machine Use the player control to navigate through time and see all recorded data time-synchronized.
Workflow and incident reporting The intuitive workflows remove operator randomness, reduce stress for the user during an incident and enforce company’s compliance guidelines.
User Management Unified role based user administration and management.
Layout Independent Program (LIPO) Keep system maintenance up to date: removing, adding or moving a sensor needs only a deletion, add on or correction of sensor coordinates. No system reprogramming required!
Supported cameras Analog (with encoder), IP, fixed, PTZ, 360, mobile or airborne.
Position dependent salvo Shows closest cameras to a static or dynamic location.
Direct PTZ control Video latency compensating method to control any PTZ device fast and precise.
PTZ auto presets Automatic configuration of all interesting locations in PTZ camera’s field of view as PTZ preset positions.
Meta data recording PTZ head data are recorded.
Multi camera tracking Follow a moving object even in crowded environments using one or more fix or PTZ cameras simultaneously.
OSD / Augmented reality Augmented reality layer on top of video image display including context sensitive interactions.