Geographic Information System

GIS Layer Model

TERRA 4D is based on a 3D geographical information system. The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) represents a 3 dimensional elevation layer of the ground. Satellite imagery, current and historic aerial photos are overlaid. 

The system translates unstructured sensor and system data into structured data and displays it in a geographical context, offering superior real-time situational awareness. Operators of TERRA 4D PSIM solutions can fly through time and space having virtual “eyes-on-the-scene”.

8 - Information
Weather, crisis, documents, addresses, points of interest

7 - Mobile Units
Current positions, 2D and 3D avatars, history tracks

6 - Events
Events or alarms as 2D/3D avatars, alarm zones

5 - CCTV Cameras and Sensors
Mounting positions and current field of view, radars and perimeters

4 - Buildings
3D buildings, photo-realistic or artificial texture, buildings with inner 3D structure

3 - Street Maps
Roads, footpaths

2 - Ortho Imagery
Acquired by satellite, aircraft, UAV

1 - Digital Terrain Model
Elevation data, representation of terrain surface