Physical Security Information Management - PSIM

A Physical Security Information Management system collects and correlates events from existing disparate security devices and information systems (CCTV, access control, sensors, networks, building systems, etc.) to empower operators to identify and proactively resolve situations.

An integrated solution enables numerous organizational benefits, including increased control, improved situational awareness and management reporting. Ultimately, these solutions allow organizations to reduce costs through improved efficiency and to improve security through increased intelligence.

TERRA 4D PSIM translates unstructured sensor and system data into structured data and displays it in a geographical context, offering superior real-time situational awareness. Gathering enough data and patterns gives greater insight into content and allows content analytics to make a faster correlation, assisting safety officials in their decision making, identification of the correct protocol, availability of resources and when and where they should be deployed. Operators can fly through time and space having virtual “eyes-on-the-scene”.