TERRA 4D Platform

Terra 4D is a software platform designed to integrate multiple unconnected security and safety applications and devices and control them through one comprehensive user interface.

TERRA 4D is vendor independent and supports crossplatform interoperability. The common unified user interface allows remote control of platforms, sensors and subsystems including air, land, maritime and space-based platforms.


The innovative software platform which immediately takes you to the next dimension in security management. It solves any unanswered questions related to your security and safety.

Why settle for less?

Integrated Subsystems

Security: CCTV, PTZ Control, Intrusion Detection, Access Control System, Radar, Facial Recognition, ANPR
Safety: Fire Detection, Public Address, Perimeter, Gate, Security Bollard, Building Management
Communication: Radio, Smart phone, Mobile client, SMS, Email, Satellite phone
Tracking & GIS: GPS Tracker, ADS-B, AIS, MAP Layer, GIS Database (Address, etc.)