Objective. Intuitive.

Greater overview, quicker response, this intuitive system makes it possible. Behind this is a clever system architectural design – which leaves no question unanswered.

  • Scaleable from compact version on a single computer to complex, worldwide distributed solutions
  • Support of multiple site operations
  • Autonomous site operation in case of site isolation
  • Redundancy for every crucial part to avoid single points of failures
  • Designed to receive, analyze, visualize in 3D, retrieve and securely share data across multiple agencies and users


  • Reliable and secure architecture consisting of management server, acquisition server and operator’s client workstation
  • The management server hosts all system wide information and controls the whole installation
  • The acquisition server manages the configuration of the peripheral devices and controls the device status permanently
  • Features like centralized user access management, cross client chatting, selective data exchange across all users supported


  • Command and control center
  • Mobile clients
  • Seamless access to all sites

Master Server

  • Manage configuration
  • User Management
  • Alarm Management

AQ Sever 1 … N

  • Collect sensor data
  • Configuration of subsystems
  • Track sensor status


  • Cfg DB: Configuration data
  • Inc DB: Incidents reporting
  • Rec DB: Sensor data recording