Multi-Sensor Geospatial Data Fusion

Many sources, one platform. TERRA 4D doesn’t just bring data together, it helps operations manage incidents from start to finish. Intuitive, clearly represented and accurate, this is new dimension security.

The TERRA 4D system combines and cross-references events from several subsystems or sensors to verify alarm conditions. Any incident or system event can trigger a preprogrammed event handler. Operator instructions, multi sensor correlation for alarm verification, automated object tracking and many more options are available to define the appropriate system reaction to a foreseen event.


Alarm and warning zones are defined centralized in the 3D GIS model. No matter what sensor type (e.g. video motion detection ...) has signaled the Avatar to enter a zone – an event is triggered immediately. Use geo-fencing in combination with alarm and warning zones to detect early threats and enable proactive actions. Multi camera auto tracking is available to verify type of treat or to improve object classification.