4D - Actionable Intelligence

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, system platforms involving multiple geographical sites, many sources of information and various areas of responsibility are more and more common. Therefore seamless integrations are needed for efficient operations such as crisis management, fight against crime or standard daily tasks.

The success of integrated platforms relies on the ability to anticipate and respond to events affecting multiple locations and areas of responsibility. At the same time a system platform should preserve the individual vision and responsibilities of the different stakeholders, keep control of information ownership and select and present only relevant information to the right operator.


TERRA 4D integrated solutions allows for:

  • Comprehensive operational picture based on 3D GIS model
  • Geo-referencing existing and future data sources
  • Selective data distribution on a need-to-know basis
  • Access to data services (environment, intelligence,
    weather, news ...)
  • Improved notice, response and incident resolution
  • Greater efficiency and cost savings
  • Improved situation response times and minimized risk