TERRA 4D. Win!

The requirement for organizations to provide continuously improving, cost-effective security solutions needs a new geospatial approach to manage large amount of information and present it to security control rooms in geographical context. The advanced geospatial analysis of TERRA 4D evaluates every single incident and assists through guided workflows offering a unique situational awareness for operators.


TERRA 4D provides tools that significantly accelerate response, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs in every phase of the situational management lifecycle. TERRA 4D is vendor independent and supports crossplatform interoperability. The common unified user interface allows remote control of platforms, sensors and subsystems including air, land, maritime and space-based platforms.

Universal compatibility

The existing customer infrastructure can be utilized and the open architecture allows the integration of any third party system.

Guided workflow

The intuitive workflow steps reduce operator randomness, lower stress for the user during an incident and enforce compliance of company guidelines.

Protecting your investment

TERRA 4D solution protects the investments in the existing security infrastructure made in the past by the customer.

Multi-site control

Significant cost reductions as all buildings and locations can be controlled from fewer locations.

Easily scalable

TERRA 4D solution can be scaled from a compact version on a single computer to a complex, worldwide distributed solution on multiple computers.

Enhanced CCTV Support

Existing or new CCTV cameras will become more powerful using TERRA 4D. The system geo-references each camera and thus adds latency compensated PTZ control, PTZ auto presets, augmented reality video overlay, measuring distances in video, multiple camera object tracking and more features.

Tracking and Dispatching

Thanks to the superior situational awareness TERRA 4D enables operators to understand the position of own units in the field by a glance at the screen. The dispatch functions enables efficient management of own resources and keeps track of all activities.

Indoor and Outdoor

The 3D GIS model not only represents outdoor areas utilizing ortho imagery, maps and other GIS layers but also the 3D structure of buildings.
TERRA 4D imports existing building plans, generates 3D inner structures and places sensors within the building.